Idle Time

An ongoing series of informational entries

No Idle Minute

January 15, 2018

My daddy (now 90) named the farm and we took over the maintenance of it in 2014.  My husband, being a city boy, took to the farm like a duck to water.  We cleaned, bush hogged, trimmed, cut trees, dragged the driveway, and the list goes on.  There never seems to be a spare moment.   I had to call my dad and ask him.  "How did you come up with the name, because I have not had a spare minute, much less a Idle Hour" 

Time to float the boat

February 14, 2018

Wanting to cool off from a day of bush hogging (I had no idea how much I liked to bush hog at the ripe age of 50 plus) nothing is better than a dip in a mountain stream.  Just 14 miles up HWY 70, you will find Kyles Ford and the River Place on the Clinch.  The Clinch River is one of the cleanest river systems in the East.  The road up gives you breath taking views of the valley below.  They also have some great home cooked  meals and a banana split to die for.  They rent kayaks, canoes, and rafts for a sweet ride down the river, but make sure you take in some music on the porch on weekend nights.  Don't miss out!

Coffee at the Kyle

July 21, 2018

We found this delightful little coffee house in downtown Rogersville.   It was like walking into a Central Perk  and you are ready to see all your friends.   They have everything from espresso to cold coffee drinks and smoothies.   If you haven't been, GO!  It was a nice afternoon break from working on the farm.  There is seating inside and out, and all is very welcoming.  The owners and staff are wonderful.  It is going to be on my radar from now on.  I suggest making it on your's too.